We connect the insurance world

Supporting the Canadian insurance industry since 2003, we work closely with brokers and insurers to improve workflow efficiency and accuracy – saving time and resources for your business.

BrovadaOne Connectivity is the leading electronic trading player in the Canadian market

We provide a competitive edge to the way that brokers and insurers do business because…

We get it

Our understanding of the connectivity between broker systems and insurers is unrivalled.

We connect

With over 1,400 brokerages and 40 different insurer systems, handling real-time traffic.

We simplify

By automating the workflow and data entry to eliminate re-keying and errors.

We care

We work directly with brokers and insurers to better understand your business needs.

We are the leading e-trading player in the Canadian market

BrovadaOne Connectivity

We extend the functionality of your broker management system so that it integrates with insurer systems to streamline your business workflows.

BrovadaOne for Insurers

We facilitate real-time connectivity for your brokers by integrating with internal and external systems, regardless of whether you already use a portal or APIs, dramatically reducing processing time.

Our scalable technology provides an alternative to conventional portals with the capability to upload and download, receive new-business submissions, policy, billing and claims inquiries, policy changes and more.

Welcome to your potential. Welcome to your Brovada.

Getting your work done faster is not just something you dream about.  Reach your full potential by implementing BrovadaOne Connectivity into your daily workflow.

By seamlessly connecting your broker system to insurer systems and APIs, your brokerage team will increase efficiency keeping you ahead of the pack, and enabling you to focus on what matters most – your clients.

Providing connectivity solutions since 2003
Installed in more than 1400 brokerages
Integrating with over 40 different insurer systems
Reducing the time it takes for policy submissions