Automate your workflow

BrovadaOne Connectivity automates the workflow and entry of data into a multitude of carrier systems in real time, saving you time while improving efficiency and accuracy.

Simplifying how you do business

BrovadaOne Connectivity is our broker-insurer integration solution, which simplifies the way you do business by extending the functionality of your broker management system to connect to insurer portals and APIs. This eliminates the need to re-key the data already captured in your management system.

Our market

BrovadaOne Connectivity is currently installed in more than 1,400 brokerages and over 50 different insurer systems.

Our product

Integrates with various broker management systems to streamline workflows.

Our integrations

Our solution leverages industry data standards to transfer data seamlessly, eliminating the need to re-key inputted data.

Our transactions

We help you get your work done by providing access to insurer systems for inquiries, policy changes and new business submissions.

We get you connected

BrovadaOne Connectivity automates the workflow and entry of data into a multitude of carrier systems, saving time while improving efficiency and accuracy.

Sign on one time to all systems to accomplish multiple tasks. You can manage passwords and security individually or assign a local administrator. Any insurer’s website, portal or secured system area can be made accessible to you.

Connects your management system to insurer portals, eliminating the need to re-key inputted data. It works for commercial and personal lines. Automated transactions for policy inquiry, new business upload and submission and policy changes help ensure you make a change once and both your management system and the insurer are current. Same day policy issuance is possible.

Automates new business submissions to insurers, reducing processing time and increasing accuracy. It also provides real-time rating and submission confirmation and includes dynamic, new business-specific workflows, forms and data pre-validations. Additionally, it provides real-time new-business submissions directly to an insurer’s policy administration system or through its portal and makes your management system the system of record.

Extends real-time policy change capabilities from insurers to you cost-effectively, simply and quickly. It works with your broker management system by comparing your newly changed data against the data already stored in the insurer’s policy system to confirm the change prior to submission, minimizing the risk of inadvertently overwriting valid insurer data.

Lets you access service providers like motor vehicle records, AutoPlus, property inspection and evaluation companies, premium financing companies, loss reporting agencies and more. Its service provider integration enables you to access these services from your desktop, streamlining data transmissions to help ensure accuracy, integrity and standards.

Analyzes and profiles your book intelligently and automates the transfer, whether rolling a book of business within the brokerage or broker to insurer.

Work smarter. Not harder.